GoneTrippin Advisors

Simon Cocking Chief ICO Advisor

Simon Cocking is rated as one of the top ICO advisor by ICOBench. GoneTrippin Inc. and Accendo Software are extremely happy to have the benefit of his experience and success in the world of ICOs, where Mr. Cocking represents the very pinnacle of smart decision making in the Crypto Coin world. Being Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews, and a regular contributor to numerous other publications, Mr. Cocking's voice on the subject is easily the most sought-after in the world. He is an accomplished public speaker at events including TEDx, Web Summit, Dublin Tech Summit, and overseas in Dubai, Singapore, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Tbilisi, Riga, Porto, Dublin and Helsinki in the last 12 months alone. As an advisor, there is no one more talented and knowledgeable on creating a successful ICO launch and all its constituent parts.

Dr. Hans Koning Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Business Advisor

An internationally experienced advisor known for his drive and focus, Dr. Hans Koning TIIM is renown as an innovator, strategist, visionary, business developer, and successfully manager of companies, in all corners of the world. Drs. Koning has helped propel forward numerous enterprises that started as mere ideas. "I love anything disruptive and innovative, but especially things that are odd or potentially throw me out of my comfort zone." Never afraid to adapt or innovate, Drs. Koning is a master in the world of cryptocurrency and frontier investment.

Dr. David Meszaros, LLM Legal Advisor - ICO, Blockchain, Crypto

The seemingly nebulous and quickly expanding world of blockchain technology, ICOs, and cryptocurrency at large comes with a labyrinthine assortment of potential legal questions. When it comes to all matters that arise at the intersection of blockchain and law, Dr. David Meszaros, CEO and Founder of Meszaros Law, is among the world's leading experts and most trusted voices. With a depth of knowledge and legal leadership that comes from years of experience, Accendo and GoneTrippin are given that much more confidence by having the benefit of Dr. Meszaros' invaluable counsel.

Michael S. Krotman Legal Advisor - Corporate Attorney

Lending his wide array of legal knowledge and mastery to GoneTrippin Inc and Accendo Software, Mr. Krotman is a Rockville-based attorney with an impressive range of specialties. Well-known for his drive and precision, and valued for his mastery of all relevant legal subjects, Mr. Krotman's counsel and advice is heeded with gravity. We're honored to have access to Michael S. Krotman's expertise as GoneTrippin moves towards expanding an ecosystem that creates win-win outcomes for everyone.

Erin-Michael Gill Business & IP Advisor

Founder and CEO at Genaesis, Erin-Michael Gill has the ability to see everything through the lens of business and investment. From product creation to design to marketing and financing—there is no aspect of a quintessentially flourishing organization that Mr. Gill isn't steeped in. Accendo and GoneTrippin Inc. are pleased and honored to have his advice and wisdom as exciting new ventures are embarked upon.

Donald McGowan Strategic Advisor

Bringing with him an abundance of financial and strategic knowledge, Donald McGowan started managing investments portfolios for venture capital and private equity in 1999, and substantially outperformed peer groups by various metrics. Mr. McGowan has since used his insight into what it takes to beat the market and channeled it directly into rapidly growing companies, helping them finance their growth and expansion successfully. In an elite class of investors, Mr. McGowan has long been honing a breadth and depth of knowledge regarding debt, equity, and mezzanine strategies to efficiently fund growth for businesses of various sizes.

Christopher Neil, DCOM® Travel Industry Tech Advisor

The travel industry is filled with complex technological twists and turns-some quite literal, and no one has a deeper or more versatile knowledge of travel industry technologies than Chris Neil. The cross-section of technology and travel is increasingly blurred, and Mr. Neil understands this on a profound level. With over 20 years of high-level, IT experience from enterprise companies, including over 10 years of experience helping to revolutionize Expedia, and solidifying its place as one of the world's foremost travel giants, Chris remains a titan of the travel industry and of hybrid infrastructure leadership. We wanted to ensure that we had access to the mind of someone with the skills, knowledge, and deep travel industry experience to help build the GoneTrippin ecosystem. He is known for his drive and passion for infrastructure, capacity management, and business acumen and is a welcome addition to the advisory team.

Ali Rasekh, CISSP, CEH, CCSK Security Advisor

Rasekh is the leading mind in the field of cybersecurity. Equipped with the accomplishments, knowledge, and experience that comes from years of leadership experience in cybersecurity innovation, Ali has been one of the most sought-out voices on the subject. Accendo has felt continuous reassurance by building a powerful foundation of security under his auspices.

Greg (G.) Crumpton Business & Marketing Advisor

Believing that the best way to earn is by serving others, Mr. Greg Crumpton is recognized for his ability to foster win-win situations in business and in life. With masterful business acumen and razor-sharp marketing expertise, GoneTrippin is greatly strengthened by the inclusion of Mr. Crumpton's keen advice. Greg believes in the continuous nature of entrepreneurialism. With business interests and involvements in markets as varied as you could imagine, Greg has a hand in everything from Colombian Coffee with The Common Place & Sky Mountain Coffee, to various start-ups in the emerging technology world. He's a philanthropist and believes in giving back as, after all, people comes first in a world that is necessarily driven by business and technology. GoneTrippin benefits greatly from the mind and heart of someone who understands business, sales, marketing, and the human connection that they all relate to.

Moe Ibrahim Travel Industry Advisor

Mr. Moe Ibrahim is a distinguished entrepreneur with significant operational experience in the real estate, food & beverage, and hospitality industries. Eclectic in background but with array of specialized skills that come from intensive first-hand experience on all sides of the travel industry and its peripherals. From beginning to end, from online portal operator to facility owner and manager, Moe knows what it takes to combine tried-and-true methodology with revolutionary innovation to make the GoneTrippin ecosystem and processes as conducive to positive, satisfying travel experiences as possible. We're motivated by his passion and knowledge, and GoneTrippin is extremely happy to have him as an invaluable advisor.

Eugen Paraschiv Technical Advisor

Eugen has a passion for building teams dedicated to the creation and maintenance of application security and efficacy. Using video and other teaching vehicles, Eugen is able to provide guidance and advice on the intricacies of everything from crypto-utility tokens to security in Spring web applications. Human-centered, but mathematically minded, Accendo is proud to have Eugen's guidance and knowledge.

Babak Shahpar Technical Advisor

Artificial intelligence, algorithms, enterprise architecture, agile methodologies, blockchain, and smart contracts are a mere sampling of Babak's technical knowledge and leadership skills. A trusted name in technology integration and bleeding-edge, applied computer science. Babak is thrilled to use the culmination of his talents and expertise to help guide GoneTrippin Inc. and Accendo Software Corporation into even greater success.

Habib Parvin-Nejad, Ph.D. Data Science Advisor

Dr. Parvin-Nejad has been known by the Accendo and GoneTrippin teams as the "Titan of Analytics". Famous for his ability to produce actionable, optimized recommendations based on advanced, sophisticated statistical models and analytics, Dr. Parvin-Nejad views the path to a successful eco-system through the lens of consolidation, analysis, and interpretation of various large data sets and through techniques such as segmentation analysis.

Shirin Elkoshairi Infrastructure Advisor

Shirin Elkoshairi was working with clients for their cloud computing needs long before the term cloud computing was coined. Shirin has a deep understanding of IT workloads and the most efficient way to deliver their benefit to end users. Currently Shirin is Co-Founder at Colo Advisor, an 11 year old cloud consulting firm. In his spare time, Shirin mentors MBA students at Washington State University's MBA program as they tackle real world business challenges for actual clients.

Accendo and GoneTrippin Team

Dr. Mohammad "Saiid" Paryavi Chairman and CEO

Dr. Paryavi (or "Saiid" informally) went from being the brain behind Accendo's creation to the heart that supports the ever growing Accendo idea-engine. With numerous advanced degrees, including a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Saiid literally wrote the book on Data Centers (DCES certification). His knowledge and experience are imposing but his wise and steady leadership has been a unifying force to harness the power of an eclectic pool of talents. Dr. Paryavi believes that innovators must blur the line between predicting the zeitgeist and creating it; or as he puts it: "The past was written on paper. We write the future in code." Outside of Accendo, Saiid values family time above all else and is especially fond of embracing a sunny day with fishing and biking.

Special Skills: Building great businesses, Data Center development, SaaS development, Cryptocurrency integration, AI

Favorite Vacation Spot: Glacier National Park, Montana

Ren Garner Vice President of Product

While attending college in Idaho, Ren Garner had many opportunities to experience and explore the outdoors. It became an escape from the stresses of school, work, and everyday life. After a long and life-changing journey, Ren began to utilize his knowledge of American geography, travel, and the need for a truly authentic road trip experience that could be made available to everyone. Ren now uses these highly-cultivated experiences and skills to lead the creation and continual enhancement his brainchild, GoneTrippin. When not on a road trip himself, Ren loves nothing more than spending time with family and being out in the fresh air whenever, and wherever, possible.

Special Skills: Application development, artistic design, business networking

Favorite Vacation Spot: Goblin Valley, Utah

Joseph Limb Vice President of R&D

Joseph is one of the original duos behind Accendo's GoneTrippin application. Having extensive experience in computer science and coding, Joseph Limb dove headfirst into the ever-changing and multifaceted world of cryptocurrency. Joseph believes it's the duty of the systems architect to design system with such sophisticated complexity that "they appear simple from the outside". Safety, security, and caution are the three elements that Joseph proudly emphasizes in his work and development more than anything else, setting the bar for the entire company and its affiliates. Joseph can be seen with a friendly smile even as his fingers type fervently on the next line of code in the offices of Accendo Software Corporation.

Special Skills: Cybersecurity, software development

Favorite Vacation Spot: Northwest United States

Cameron Rinaldi Blockchain Engineer

With a background that's steeped him in business development as much as academia, Cameron turned to computer science years ago to pursue his core passion of professional application development. Using his advanced knowledge of blockchain technologies, Cameron is excited to help create the future of powerful new applications. Cameron is known for having an "adventurous spirit" and believes that, with the right attitude, almost any endeavor can be an adventure.

Special Skills: Cryptocurrency, Smart contracts, blockchain dynamics

Favorite Vacation Spot: Upstate New York

Michael Weaver Marketing Strategist

Michael is quite vocal in his appreciation to be a part of the Accendo team and its passionate vision that combines technology with human wellbeing. His background lies at the intersection of technical communications, linguistics, the performing arts, and storytelling. Michael's personal passions including atmospheric board games, psychology, and spending time with his two needy cats.

Special Skills: Everything Marketing, Body language analysis, poetry, vocal performance

Favorite Vacation Spot: Damascus, Maryland

Abraham Binesh Software Engineer

As a child, Abraham would amuse himself by breaking toys apart only to put them together in various, inventive ways. Years later, his affinity for technology has caused him to do something similar: but with software and code. Quality, testing, and the wonderment of interconnectivity are where Abraham shines.

Special Skills: Quality control, speed reading, software integration

Favorite Vacation Spot: Catskills mountains

Gene Testa Senior Graphics Designer

Gene has a BFA in Graphic Design with a heavy focus in advertising and printed media. In his spare time Gene enjoys competitive video games and the outdoors when the weather permits. When not at work between the months of June and January Gene can be found either posted up in a secluded deer blind waiting for the right opportunity to strike or waist deep in a stream or lake casting line out over the water.

Special Skills: Typography, Website aesthetics, Layout

Favorite Vacation Spot: Temperate forests

Emaun Kashfipour Marketing Strategist

Since joining the Accendo team, Emaun has excelled with brilliant marketing strategies and social media insight. Combining a passion for journalism with a knowledge of media, Emaun has helped craft the engine behind Accendo's ongoing marketing success. Emaun likes to spend his free time with his wife, his pet chickens, and his camera-equipped drone.

Special Skills: Videography, project management, multimedia production

Favorite Vacation Spot: The Grand Canyon

Zohreh Zarrabi Business Analyst

Zohreh Zarrabi has an MBA and works at Accendo where she analyzes and processes all things business related. Outside of Accendo, Zohreh runs her own fashion business, designing and creating modest couture fashion for women. Zohreh also has an extensive background in classical music and plays the harp, cello, and piano.

Special Skills: Business management, financial analysis, fashion design

Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere she travels with her husband.

Ce Yu Senior Creative Designer

It's hard to imagine a better marriage of graphic design and user interface than the output Ce brings to the table. His ability to visualize and execute on ideas are second-to-none, and his flexibility as a team member can't be overstated. Ce is known for his friendly demeanor and collaborative spirit as much as he is for his talents in creative design and mastery of software suites generally. Mr. Yu is a rare gem and Accendo is pleased to have his continued contributions. Some hobbies of Ce including playing the Ukulele, music generally, and spending time with his terrific girlfriend.

Special Skills: Fine arts, history, UI/UX specifications

Favorite Vacation Spot: Appalachian trail

Alex Carroll Software Engineer

Mr. Carroll is thrilled to be on the Accendo team as he helps bring new, powerful applications and services to life. Mr. Carroll has had to hit the ground rolling by applying a huge amount of technical skills to numerous projects simultaneously in what has been a demanding but extremely rewarding series of accomplishments. When not working, Alex is fond of ping pong and staying current on cryptocurrency trends.

Special Skills: Mathematics, computer hardware modification, programming

Favorite Vacation Spot: Las Vegas

Hassan Zarrabi Senior Creative Engineer

Among other things, Hassan studied creative writing in college. Now he applies his knowledge of industrial design with the sensibilities of story crafting to help create systemic ecosystems based on intuitive, user friendliness. Ever the one to be his own worst critic and always look for the optimum solution, Hassan has helped Accendo never settle for anything less than the most reliable of creations. Hassan loves spending time with his son, especially when the opportunity to go fishing arises.

Special Skills: Literature, reliability testing, technical spec translation

Favorite Vacation Spot: Rural Kansas

Jalil Zarrabi VP Operations

Mr. Zarrabi has been an integral part of the Accendo engine for a long time. Being known as the one who "holds it all together" (sometimes quite literally), Mr. Zarrabi has been the team's go-to person for practical solutions to not-so-practical problems. An indispensable streamliner and organizer, Mr. Zarrabi is always lending a hand—when he's not leading the charge. When not managing numerous projects and tasks, Mr. Zarrabi loves nothing more than spending time with his family (close and extended) and traveling whenever possible.

Special Skills: Mechanical systems, negotiation, leadership

Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere with fresh air and a shining sun

Mandana Shadfar Accountant

Mandana continues to be an indispensable piece of the Accendo puzzle. She has long had a mastery of all things numerical combined with an emotional intelligence that helps unite the entire team behind "The two Ps of Progress: practicality and positivity". Mandana believes in Accendo's mission of using technology to improve people's lives by combining the best ideas with the best engineering. Mandana loves reading, spending time with family, and cooking the next delicious recipe.

Special Skills: Business ethics, advanced spreadsheets, interoffice communication

Favorite Vacation Spot: "Wherever my children are"

Abhishek Kumar DevOps Engineer

"Science has caught up with magic because now computing takes place in the clouds!" Abhishek sees the future of data in a positive light and is enthusiastic to play such an important role. As a cloud engineering strategist and trained to adept levels on a multitude of technical skill sets, Abhishek is a much-needed part of the Accendo team. Abhishek understands the importance of intuitive, secure, human-centered automation. He's pleased to bring cloud computing into the future by helping to create intricate platforms for the benefit of users everywhere.

Special Skills: Python, SQL Fundamental, Linux, Apache, Bitbucket, Prometheus

Favorite Vacation Spot: Outer Banks, North Carolina