The GoneTrippin™ Ecosystem


GoneTrippin Inc set out to create not just a cryptocurrency or an app but a community of users and providers that work together to achieve shared goals. It is far too easy to become overwhelmed by the endless information from online reviews, social media and search engines; it can be difficult to know where to go when traveling. As a business, this makes it hard to stand out in the ever-changing environment of the internet.

GoneTrippin's designed ecosystem helps travelers find the destinations that will create a unique trip that meets their expectations while driving additional, and more informed, business to providers.



A simple design, coupled with our proprietary, AI-powered search engine, makes finding the perfect destination to complement a trip painless.

Reward Program

A major problem facing the travel industry today is outdated information. With GoneTrippin, travelers are incentivized to keep the places they visit up-to-date. Users can submit content update suggestions and, if they are accepted, the user receives GT rewards.

Market Driven Exchange

Quickly exchange fiat currency for GTs. Our tokens can be used to purchase goods and services from providers or transferred to an external wallet.


Providers are put in direct contact with customers who want to order. Accepting payments is easy, quick, and safe with the power of blockchain technology. Providers can stop fighting with banks over disputes and get back to their business.


Analytics is just the beginning of what providers in the GoneTrippin ecosystem receive. Businesses not only need up-to-date statistics on feedback, visits, and customer retention but, to reach more consumers, providers also need powerful tools. GoneTrippin's co-op model places these proprietary tools in the hands of local business owners so they can be seen more while paying less.

AI-Powered Transaction Manager

Small businesses are often the last to get advancements and adopting new technology into a business can be stressful and unprofitable. GoneTrippin was designed to change this paradigm, giving providers the opportunity to integrate cryptocurrencies into their business, while also not having to worry that the value of the tokens will go down before they can cash out. GoneTrippin will maintain the value until the provider is ready.